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WildList Response to Yahoo News Story

September 9, 1999

The Yahoo Headline dated September 8, 1999 contains several inaccuracies:

  1. The WildList is not maintained by Israel's iRiS Software.
  2. The WildList is maintained and owned by The WildList Organization International.
  3. The Organization draws on the expertise of virus experts world-wide, who report viruses incidents.
  4. iRiS is one of many Reporters to the WildList.
  5. There are a total of 55 Reporters worldwide.
  6. Other Reporters work for research groups such as IBM and EICAR; commercial certification bodies such as ICSA and Virus Bulletin, vendors such as Symantec, Network Associates, Computer Associates; Universities and Corporations are also represented.

The WildList Organization recently announced the unveiling of a new system which will allow these reports to be displayed immediately on the Organization's WWW site, This fully-automated system will allow users to know at-a-glance which viruses are reported in any given region of the world as soon as they are reported. This service is provided free of charge by The WildList Organization.

The WildList currently shows approximately 300 viruses known to be spreading in the wild. 'It is to provide an accurate account of which viruses are actually causing infections in the real world,' said WildList Founder Joe Wells. 'Our worldwide reporting system gives the only true and globally-recognised picture of the true threat. This is the bottom line for users.'

The WildList will hold its Annual International Reporters' meeting in Vancouver, B.C. in September, 1999 in conjunction with The Virus Bulletin Conference.

The WildList Organisation is a non-profit making organisation which is not affiliated with any producer of anti-virus products. It is managed by an independent board of directors who receive no remuneration for their work for the Organisation. For further information, please contact

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