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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon had her first disastrous computing incident in the late 1970s when she spilled a Pepsi over an Apple computer. She never looked at a computer again until 1985, when she decided to design and operate her own BBS - which she did after writing the software and building a modem from spare parts people had given her. Exploring the not-yet-widely-known Internet, she met many interesting people and developed an interest in Computer Security. She became actively involved in the FidoNet Community. In 1990, she purchased a computer from a friend (Thanks Betsy!). That computer came complete with a virus -- PingPong (Thanks again, Betsy!).

From then on, Sarah's attention shifted to allow 'viruses' to be part of her computing life. Since that time, she has continued extensive research in computer security and virus related areas. Some of her papers are available via her work at IBM Research or at and in the Security section, and the Virus Research section. From 1995 until 1997, she worked for Command Software (then co-developers of F-PROT), managing their live virus library and conducting research on security related topics. In 1997, she left Command Software and went to work for IBM Research.

She spent several years with the antivirus R&D team at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, where she worked in the virus lab. While with with IBM Research, she worked to help anticipate new viral threats, promoting virus prevention and security issues at various conferences, ranging from DEFCON to the National Computer Security Center Conferences.

Sarah is currently Senior Research Fellow with Symantec Security Response.

She is a graduate of Indiana University and the recipient of several awards for her work in the computing sciences. In addition to being on the WildList Board of Directors, she is also an elected member of the Board of Directors of EICAR, and serves in an advisory capacity to Virus Bulletin.

Applications of her research in several other areas of information technology, including ethical uses of computing technologies and anti-virus product testing and certification, continue to help users to enjoy safer computing.

She can be contacted at, or (more directly) at

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