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From time to time, the WildList Organization will host research projects. If you have a suggestion for a research study that you believe would be useful to The WildList and to Computer Users, please e-mail us your ideas.

One important aspect of tracking the virus problem is making sure that the results we get from our Reporters actually mirror what you, the Users, are seeing in the Real World.

The Problem

While many organizations require the reporting of viruses whether or not their antivirus software deals effectively with the virus, the fact is in some cases, viruses may go unreported if a product deals with them successfully, as in these cases a Reporter is never notified.

Still, for users who experience these viruses, the concern that they may resurface and cause problems is a very real concern. Hence, we ask this question:

How representative is The WildList of viruses that are actually found In the Wild?
You can help us answer that question.

Our Study

We've decided to conduct a study. This study will compare the results of viruses that you, the user, report to us and compare them with the results we get from our Reporters.

In the future, we will be providing a User Report form. You can help us track the threat by checking in whenever you find a virus, and simply clicking on the name of that virus.

In the event you find what you think is a new virus, you'll need to contact one of our Reporters.

Obviously we need to have some type of control in this study, so we will require your name and a valid e-mail address prior to allowing you to take part in the study. The results/analysis of the study will be peer-reviewed and published.

Stay tuned for further details!

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