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Here you will find papers (and links to papers) on computer virus issues. If you would like to submit a paper for our review, please contact

Any papers which are not vendor specific will be considered for publication.

Please note that links to a paper a vendor's WWW site does not constitute our endorsement of any specific product. These links are provided for your convenience, as you search for technically correct, unbiased information to help you in dealing with the threat of computer viruses.

How Scientific Naming Works

This paper by Joe Wells explores the nature of naming schemes, and explains why The WildList uses names which benefit the user community.

Other papers you might enjoy: Some of these are not yet online but we hope to have electronic versions of them in the near future. For now, contact the authors if you have questions about their work!

Evaluating the Evaluators

This early paper by Sarah Gordon was one of the first to examine the scope of evaluators of antivirus software and discuss the interesting question, who's evaluating the evaluators? Virus News International.

What is Wild?

This paper by Sarah Gordon explores some of the issues with testing antivirus software. It was presented at the 20th National Information Systems Security Conference, sponsored by the National Security Agency, The National Computer Security Center, and NIST, as well as at COMPSEC, UK, hosted by Elsevier.

Testing the Untestable: the Hidden Roadblocks to Anti-Virus Testing

This paper by Ian Whalley and Dr. Richard Ford examines some of the problems with antivirus software tests. From the Proceedings of the Eighth International Virus Bulletin Conference, pp. 1-13. October 1998.

Reviews and Evaluation of Antivirus Software: The Current State of Affairs

This paper by Dr. Richard Ford and Sarah Gordon explores problems with testing of antivirus software. It was presented at the 19th National Information Systems Security Conference, sponsored by the National Security Agency, The National Computer Security Center and NIST. From the Proceedings of the Nineteenth National Information Systems Security Conference, Volume 2, pp. 526-538, 1996.

Where There's Smoke, There's Mirrors: The Truth about Trojans on the Internet

This paper by Sarah Gordon and David Chess examines the ways we think about 'trojan horses'. Click on 'papers' when you get to the WWW site.

Testing Times for Trojans

This paper, by Ian Whalley, presented at the Virus Bulletin Conference, October 1999, in Vancouver, Canada, discusses some of the issues related to testing and trojan horses.

Antivirus Software Testing for the Next Millenium

This paper on the future of testing was presented at the NISSC Conference.

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