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The WildList Organization International was established to promote the education of the public on the threat of viruses which are spreading In the Wild and to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information about In the Wild computer viruses to both users and product developers.

We have a duty to the public, industry, and fellow workers in this endeavor to adhere to professional standards of conduct as we go about accomplishing this goal.

To that end, we require all reporters to agree to The WildList Organization Code of Conduct.

WildList Organization International Code of Conduct

Reporters to the WildList must act with fairness, courtesy and good faith toward the WildList, their clients, and toward each other. In keeping with these basic rules, reporters will:

  • Undertake and accept the task of reporting only when professionally qualified to do so;
  • Keep themselves informed so as to be able to render competent performance of their reporting duties;
  • Act as a faithful agent of their respective employers, as well as of The WildList Project, striving to avoid all conflict of interest; when such conflict shall arise, fully disclose the conflict to the employer as well as to The WildList Organization International;
  • Do nothing which will bring The WildList or The WildList Organization into disrepute;
  • Conduct themselves with fairness, courtesy and good faith toward colleagues, clients and others, giving credit where credit is due as well as giving fair and honest professional criticism and comment;
  • Present clearly to The WildList Organization International and other WildList reporters the consequences if professional decisions are overruled or ignored;
  • Use the name of The WildList or The WildList Organization International only in ways previously approved by the WildList Board of Directors or which are listed specifically in the charter of The WildList Organization International;
  • Report to the WildList Organization any hazardous, illegal or unethical professional activity undertaken by any WildList participant;
  • Extend the public knowledge of the importance of viruses which are spreading In the Wild and of The WildList project by presenting accurate, timely information about computer viruses and not attempting to mislead, deceive or delude any person, member of the press, potential customer, client, or any individual about the virus threat.

The WildList Organization International reserves the right to suspend and/or dismiss any person associated with The WildList if in the sole opinion of the WildList Board of Directors said person is in violation of the above code.

The WildList Board of Directors is: Joe Wells, Sarah Gordon, Shane Coursen, Ian Whalley, Paul Robinson.

The WildList and The WildList Organization International are trademarks of The WildList Organization. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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