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Founded: April 1996 by Joe Wells & Sarah Gordon

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Wildlist Organization is to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information about "In the Wild" computer viruses to both users and product developers. The WildList, a list of computer viruses found in the wild and reported by a diverse group of over 55 qualified volunteers, is made available free of charge by the organization.

Who we are: These anti-virus professionals volunteer their time and efforts to work as Reporters. The volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of five members. You can read about them, and how they were chosen here.

Our User Ombudsman: Dr. Richard Ford works to make sure the needs and desires of users are communicated to The WildList Organizations' Board of Directors. With years of experience, first as editor of Virus Bulletin, then as part of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center's anti-team, Dr. Ford is well acquainted with both the needs of users and of vendors.

Advisors to the Board: Nick FitzGerald, Roger Thompson
Nick FitzGerald is the co-moderator of virus-l digest. Formerly editor of Virus Bulletin, Mr. Fitzgerald has extensive experience in testing of antivirus software.
Roger Thompson is the Director of Malicious Code for the ICSA.
These gentlemen help us make sure that the needs of the user are held paramount in The WildList Organization.

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