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Here are biographies provided by our Reporters, in no particular order.

Miroslav Trnka

I was born in Trnava - the oldest royal city in Slovakia (but you might be more familiar with Vienna, which is just about 50 miles away). I was born two weeks before the first man left the Earth and headed to the Universe. That might, perhaps, be the source of my avid interest in biology, electronics and rocket models design (I became the junior champion of Slovakia).

After having graduated from high school I worked as a programmer on a project of human speech synthesis in the Telecommunication Research Labs. I took my university degree at the department of Automatic System Control of the Slovak University of Technology. My first occupation Then I joined the staff of the Computer Center of Trnava's car production plant and, later, got a position at the Department of Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology (Faculty of Materials Science and Technology).

Since 1987 I have been working on and managing the design and development of the anti-virus system NOD. After the breakdown of the old regime, with my friends and partners, I have co-founded ESET, s.r.o., a company, where I work in the capacity of the technical director until today.

To keep the general public aware of the latest news in the area of computer viruses and also to discuss the impact of the latter on our society, I became a regular contributor to the most popular computer magazine in the country, the PC Revue, editing my own column, the Virus Radar, since 1993. I am a member of the committee of the Association for Security of Information Technologies (ASIT), a member of the supervisory board of the Slovak Association for Information Security (SASIB) and the Chairman of the Slovak Antivirus Center (SAC).

Among my favorite hobbies is swimming, archeology, paragliding, travelling, and last, but not least, playing a guitar in our company band - Lost Clusters ('intellectual punk').

Eset s. r. o.

Sha-Li Hsieh

Sha-Li graduated summa cum laude from St. John's Universityy (New York) with bachelor degree in Computer Science. There are two segments of her nine years working experience in the computer industry. For the six years database programming career in Taiwan, she was a dBaseIII programmer, a SQL programmer, and an Oracle DBA in the telecommunication field. After finishing her college education, she joined Computer Associates (CA) as a Quality Assurance engineer in 1996 when she started working in AntiVirus field. Sha-Li is now working as an AntiVirus Engineer based in Islandia, the headquarter of CA.

Computer Associates International

David Chess

David Chess is a research staff member at the IBM Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, New York. He does research in computer viruses, computer security, and related areas.

IBM antivirus research
IBM homepage
Personal homepage

Righard Zwienenberg

Righard J. Zwienenberg started dealing with computer viruses in 1988 after encountering the first virus problems on a system at the Technical University of Delft. His interest thus kindled, Zwienenberg has studied virus behaviour and presented solutions and detection schemes ever since. Initially he started as an independant consultant, then in 1991 he co-founded CSE Ltd where he was the Research and Development Manager. In October 1995, Zwienenberg left CSE and one month later he started at the Research and Development department of ESaSS BV - developers of ThunderBYTE - to reinforce the team and have some new challenges in life. In 1998, Norman Data Defense Systems aquired ESaSS and Zwienenberg joined the Norman Development team where he is working on the engine of Norman Virus Control.

Zwienenberg has been a member of CARO since early 1992. His interests are not limited to viruses but have broadened to include general security issues and encryption technolgies over the past few years. His hobbies include Star Trek, Rock & Roll and Rythem and Blues music, theatre and movies.

Eddy Willems

I was born in 1962. I am married with Nadine (a police-officer... so we are both in 'security' :-)) and we have a child called Frank. I studied Computer Sciences at IHB and VUB University of Brussels. I started working as a Systems Analyst in 1984. I did also some data recovery work in those early days. In 1989 I became interested in viruses: I was the first in Belgium to have a solution for the 'aids-information' diskette incident. From that time on I started to gather information about computer viruses and Anti-Virus software. In 1991(from the beginning in Brussels) I became a founding member of EICAR. Over the years I have maintained a reference library of software, books and almost everything that has been published on the Anti-Virus field. I am a participant in Joe Wells' Virus Wildlist since 1995. I also put up my own 'WAVCI' website specifically dedicated to be the index to all anti-virus related pages and websites. In 1996 I started giving seminars and workshops about Computer Viruses. I also wrote the 'Virus Article' for the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia (Luxe Edition 1997). Before 1997 I was working at the Vaderlandsche(Insurance Company of the ING-group) as System Support Engineer and Security Officer. Since the end of 1996 I am working as Technology Consultant for the largest Benelux Distributor of NAI-products(formerly Dr Solomon's) 'Data Alert International'. Here I am responsible for Anti-Virus research, consultancy, support and training. I am also very busy writing articles for several Benelux magazines and publications. In 1999 I became the EICAR-News Editor. It is the magazine of the known EICAR Organisation.

Oh yes .. my hobbies: electronic gadgets, french wines, karate, computers(everything)

Data Alert International

Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen works as Manager of Anti-Virus Research at tthe Data Fellows Group's F-Secure Anti-Virus team. He frequently contributes to various anti-virus and security-related magazines and discussion groups, and spends a big part of his time evangelizing on anti-virus issues.

Mr. Hypponen is a graduate of the Institute of Information Technology in Helsinki, Finland. He has been a member of CARO, the Computer Anti-Virus Researchers Organization, since 1995.

Data Fellows Corp
Personal home page

Seiji Murakami

Seiji started his anti-virus career around 1989 and establiished "JADE", one of the first antivirus developers in Japan. After JADE was acquired by NAI in March 1997, he founded JCSR (Japan Computer Security Research center) and became president. He also established the Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers.

He enjoys fishing and ballroom dancing in his spare time.

JCSR (in Japanese)

Fraser Howard

Having just completed a DPhil at Oxford University, Fraser started working for Virus Bulletin in the United Kingdom, in February 1999, where he deals with issues ranging from product reviews to general technical support enquiries from users. Outside of work his hobbies include running, hiking and music.

François Paget

Francois has been a member of the AVERT (AntiVirus Emergenccy Response Team) Group, within NETWORK ASSOCIATES (Formerly McAfee) since 1993. In Europe, he is in charge of analyzing new viruses, identifying them and ensuring the availability of detection and eradication modules.

In 1991, he took over leadership of the "Virus Group" at CLUSIF. This responsibility prompted him to found the RECIF Association (Research and Investigations into French Computer Criminality) in 1992, of which he was President until 1994.

At present, François is contributing to the works of the CLUSIF "Threats" Commission, where he manages the creation of the chart listing the infections detected in France (Virus Observatory).

He is a regular conference speaker at European events in the field of Computer Safety.

In the European arena, François is a member of EICAR (European Institute of Computer Anti-virus Research). He is a member of The WildList Organization since January 1998.

Francois is married and have 3 children, he lives near Paris. When he is not in front of his computer, he grows bonzai and cactus or collects stamps.


Allan Dyer

Allan Dyer first studied biological viruses, graduating in Microbiology from University College London in 1984. He switched fields, gaining his Master's in Control Engineering from Sheffield University in 1987 and combined his skills programming in a haematology research laboratory. He first met computer viruses in 1988 while a Systems Programmer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and joined the team controlling them in a number of London Colleges. He moved to Hong Kong and Yui Kee Computing in 1993.

Allan is a founding member of "Association of Anti-virus Asia Researchers" (AVAR) established in 1998. His first child, a boy, James Dyer, was born 11 August 1999.

Yui Kee Computing
Association of Anti-virus Asia Researchers
James Dyer

Costin Raiu

Costin was born in 1977 in Bucharest, Romania. He is still studying Computer Science at the Polytechnic University Of Bucharest, and at the same time he works for GeCAD s.r.l., developing RAV AntiVirus and focusing on Macro Virus research. In his free time he enjoys techno and rave music and he is also a great fan of the Beck's Dark beer and Frank Herbert's books.

Costin's homepage

Ken Bechtel

Ken discovered viruses in 1988 while, as an Information Security Non-Commissioned Officer in the Republic of Korea, he read a paper by Dr Fred Cohen. Realizing the implications, he set out to find out everything he could about viruses and how they work, and how to defend against them.

By the time his unit was hit with the first accidental infection, he was ready.

Dark Avenger hit his installation in December 1990, quickly identified and isolated, it infected only one PC, but was more than enough to support what he was saying to the local command. When he was told that he couldn't market the anti-virus scanner he was developing, but would have to turn it over to the Army, it was with in the scope of his responsibilities, he stopped writing the scanner.

After departing the Army, after 9.5 years, Ken has contracted his knowledge to many companies in the Central Pennsylvania area, where he grew up. Included in this time was two years spent with the (Inter)National Computer Security Association (I/NCSA) in Carlisle. After leaving the NCSA, Ken returned to Independent Research, where he supports local companies, and users in planning and implementing Anti-Virus Programs.

Ken has founded Team Anti-Virus with the goal of "elimination through education". Ken is very proud of the fact that he is one of the few Anti-virus researchers who've never worked for a vendor. What little free time Ken has is devoted to his daughter, who is turning into a decent little network administrator.

More information on Team Anti-Virus, or to contact Ken, write, or visit the webpage at

Patrick Nolan

Patrick graduated from Santa Fe Community College in 1988. He first joined The WildList Organization in 1996 while working for Command Software Systems in Jupiter FL. He now works for Fortinet. Patrick enjoys playing basketball and watching Oregon sunsets.

Fortinet website
Personal website

Andreas Marx

Andreas Marx was born in 1979 in Magdeburg, Germany. In 1991 he got interested in computer viruses and he started to write anti- virus programs, based on different technologies. After this, in 1996 he began to write articles about computer viruses and started to test anti-virus-programs for the "Anti-Virus-News" magazine. Since 1997 he writes virus-based articles and tests for the german "CHIP" computer magazine and has performed large anti-virus comparison tests 1998 and 1999. In this phase he has written several some scanner and killer programs for different computer viruses. Comparison tests for the "WIN" and the "PConline" magazine followed 1999. After finishing army he started 1998 to study at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, and he now works for "PC Welt" magazine. Together with other students he does regular tests of anti-virus programs at the university. More information about the tests can be found at Andreas Marx is a wildlist reporter since September 1999.

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is a Systems Administrator, responsible for the administration, support and deployment of virus prevention systems. He maintains an Intranet site dealing with Malware issues, including debunking many common hoaxes. Lee is a founding member of AVIEN (Anti Virus Information Exchange Network), and Chairman of its Disciplinary Committee. He is also a reporter for Wildlist and a member of Team Anti-Virus; a group of professionals dedicated to providing quality AV info and education. He hosts the discussion list for, and is a contributor to, the A.C.V. (alt.comp.virus) AV resources.

Nick Bilogorskiy

Nick Bilogorskiy is a researcher with Fortinet Technologies, based in Vancouver, Canada. Nick is a member of the Anti-virus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN) and the WildList reporter for Fortinet. Since he joined the company, he moved through different positions, including QA Engineer for AV Signatures, QA Manager for AV Engine, and now he is Escalation and Research Manager within the security research team, committed to protecting the end-users from virus outbreaks and promoting cooperation with other vendors. Prior to joining Fortinet, Nick worked at Microsoft, Art In Motion and NCompass Labs.

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